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Finnish Higher Education in Transition

Välimaa Jussi (Ed.)

Price: 23,50 €

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Finnish Reading Literacy

Linnakylä Pirjo, Arffman Inga (Eds.)

Price: 29,00 €

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Guidance Services in Higher Education

Vuorinen Raimo, Saukkonen Sakari (Eds.)

Price: 26,00 €

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Higher education research in Finland

Sakari Ahola, David M. Hoffman (Eds.)

Price: 32,00 €

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Human Dignity in the Learning Environment

Tuomi Margaret Trotta

Price: 18,50 €

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In Search for the Conceptual Origin of University Students’ Community in a Confluence of On- and Off

Pöysä Johanna

Price: 24,00 €

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Interaction in Online Learning Environments

Mäkitalo Kati

Price: 22,00 €

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IVETA ´97 Conference proceedings

Lasonen Johanna (Ed.)

Price: 30,00 €

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Journal of University Pedagogy (former Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education)

Publisher: the Finnish network of expertise in university pedagogy and academic development

Price: 0,00 €

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Language Testing: New Openings

Huhta Ari, Sajavaara Kari, Takala Sauli (Eds.)

Price: 5,00 €

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Multicultural Guidance and Counselling

Launikari Mika, Puukari Sauli (Eds.)

Price: 0,00 €

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National Foreign Language Planning:Practices and Prospects

Sajavaara Kari,Takala Sauli, Lambert Richard D., Morfit Christine A. (Eds.)

Price: 8,00 €

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Our Children-How can they succeed in school?

Dimenäs Jörgen, Andresen Ragnhild, Cruickshank Maureen, Ojala Jorma, Ratzki Anne

Price: 30,00 €

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Plan för vuxenfostran NOVA.Normalisering,Ombesörjande av samspel, Vuxenroll,Aktivt deltagande

Lehtinen Ulla, Pirttimaa Raija

Price: 11,50 €

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Polytechnics and Universities - Similar or Different?

Pirinen Pekka

Price: 12,50 €

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Quality and Practice in Assessment

Stenström Marja-Leena, Laine Kati (Eds.)

Price: 26,00 €

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