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Contemporary Issues of Occupational Education in Finland

Lasonen Johanna, Stenström Marja-Leena (Eds.)

Contemporary Issues of Occupational Education in Finland is a comprehensive publication which explores the restructuring of Finnish vocational and professional education and promotes a broader understanding of how national history and culture influence refoms. In the book, the authors discuss a variety of reform and educational policy strategies based on theoretical and empirical analyses.

Drawing on interdisiplinary and international empirical research and on their own practical experience, the authors present a veriety of innovative models of occupational training for all those educational levels where citizens participate during their lifespan.

The authors address craft and prevocational education, reforms of vocational teacher training, as well as secondary, tertiary and adult occupational education. Flexibility and internation of vocational and academic education are considered. As a new member of the European Union, Finland faces the challenges of articulation, intergation and providing open educational pathways both nationally and internationally.

Teachers, teacher educators, planners, administrators, researchers and other professionals working in the field of occupational education will find this book a valuable case description of the Finnish experiences in promoting economic development and people`s well-being through vocational education.

Year: 1995 | Scope: 388 pages | ISBN: 951-34-0568-0 | Product code: D017

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