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Educational Cooperation and Collaboration

- ICT and International Project Work
Halonen Ilpo, Mateusen Ludo

There are not so many ways to face the big challenges of our time. One of the positive and constructive methods in educational cooperation and collaboration – ECC.ECC was something that COMP@CT, the Comenius 3 network , wanted to explore, to experiment, to explain, to assess and to disseminate in its activities in 2001-2004. One of the results was eJournalism, a new approach to computer - mediated communication of learners.

What is behind this word - eJournalism? Comprehensively, eJournalism is collaborative learning by creating and publishing together on the Internet. In the case of COMP@CT it was peer-to-peer collaboration of pupils and students in the Internet using the eJournal , a new and innovative Internet tool. eJournalism aims at personal and social growth of children and adolescences by assisting them to produce web materials on their own and directing them to collaborative knowledge building in the Internet on a local, regional and/or global level.

The articles of Mr Ilpo Halonen and Mr Ludo Mateusen deal with this new approach. What does ECC mean in practical terms? It is, answers Mr Halonen, interaction in partner projects, combination of virtual and geographic mobility as “eTwinning” teacher training by the method of do-it-yourself, networking and community building. Mr Mateusen gives insight into media didactics of eJournalism by describing his own approaches to didactical use of eJournals. His convincing examples come from his intensive work as a net pedagogue, together with COMP@CT for the last few years.

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Working Papers 21

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