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Research on Mathematics and Science Education

From Beliefs to Cognition from Problem Solving to Understanding
Ahtee Maija, Björkvist Ole, Pehkonen Erkki, Vatanen Virpi (eds.)

THIS BOOK contains a selection of the papers presented at the seminars of the Finnish Association for Research in Mathematics and Science Education and the Finnish Graduate School of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Education. It thus gives a brief insight into some recent research interests in mathematics, physics and chemistry education in Finland. The topics include the role of critical details in finding specific strategies to teach certain contents in physics, interactive teaching methods and conceptual understanding in mechanics, problem solving in chemistry, especially in helping teachers with students' difficulties, the meaning of beliefs for the teaching / learning process, conceptualising the metalevel of cognition and emotion interaction, teaching practices in mathematics at primary level, and content of mathematics for primary school teachers. The book is meant especially to stimulate international feedback on Finnish research in mathematics and science education

Year: 2001 | Scope: 134 pages | ISBN: 951-39-1138-1 | Product code: D052

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